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  Jamón de Teruel D.O.P.
Curing 20-24 months
  Jamón Ibérico
Curing 30-32 months
  Añejo Reserva Serrano Ham
Curing 22-24 months
  Bodega Reserva Serrano Ham
Curing 20-22 months
  Añejo Serrano Ham
Curing 18-20 months
Teruel P.D.O. Ham
Teruel P.D.O. Ham boneless
Teruel P.D.O. Ham tied and boneless
Teruel P.D.O. Ham sliced

Teruel P.D.O. Ham

Produced traditionally with very little salt, the D.O.P. Sierra Lindón Ham is cured for between 20 and 24 months, including at least 12 months in natural drying spots, at our facilities in Monreal del Campo (Teruel).

Approx weight between 7 and 8,5 kg.
Total minimum curing between 20 and 24 months.