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Ham myths: Iberian ham and Pata Negra

9 November, 2020

Although most people in Spain consider ham to be a symbol of our
cuisine, and despite the fact that many of us have grown up with a leg of ham

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Iberian colours

19 October, 2020

In January 2014, Royal Decree 4/2014 came into force, approving
the quality standard for meat, ham, shoulder and shank from Iberian pork. From
this date onwards, all hams on the market…

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How to pair Iberian ham

4 June, 2019

we mention an acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham, we are talking about one of
the 4 wonders of world gastronomy along with caviar, foie and
truffles. Just like the other three, although…

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What’s the difference between Serrano Ham and Iberian ham?

3 June, 2019

Today, we want to show you some of the basic differences between two products that, although they seem similar, have different characteristics. However, we do not want to go…

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The 5 PDO for ham in Spain

11 January, 2019

Oil, cheese, fruit, paprika, mussels, wine and of course, ham. These are some of the many foods that have been acknowledged in our country as a paragon of quality…